Baby Ford ~ Newborn Portraits

I love any chance to capture the first days of a little new life. I drove out to Millington, TN to a vaguely familiar farm house. It was the perfect backdrop for these photos. I met baby Ford and his parents for what I thought was the first time. I later remembered that I had not only met Mary (Ford’s mother) before, but had been out to her parents farm house years earlier for a crawfish boil. That random day years earlier, ended up being a day I’ll never forgot. My husband, and I, and our 2 month old baby actually got in a bad car accident on the way back from this crawfish boil. I never drive on interstate 51 without thinking of that day, and it was really weird that I thought of our accident on the way to this session, without knowing I was going to the same place we were at years earlier on that memorable day. I’m sounding really dramatic. I don’t have any remaining trauma and me and my family were all fine and recovered easily. I just thought it was funny that I didn’t even realize it at the time of this session.

However, baby Ford was a rock star and a pleasure to photograph! Enjoy his sweet face!