The Oliver Family

Love these people! Always a joy to photograph good friends! This was no exception, of course. And it was an added treat because we had the idea to have the session at our kids’ school! I love New Hope Christian Academy and both of our kids go to school there…”Mr. Chris” (as we call him…it’s weird, but my husband is weird and he comes up with nicknames for people and somehow they stick…..Chris’s kids will sometimes even call him “Mr. Chris”) Anyways, Mr. Chris works at New Hope! One super cool bonus of New Hope is they have this amazing farm that the students frequently visit and help maintain. I actually had not explored it before this session and I was BLOWN AWAY with just how big it is (especially in the middle of the city) and how many different plants they have growing in it, AND how beautiful it was. So, so fun! I’m hoping to be able to do more session there in the future.